Tuesday June 6th

Join Santino's Wine Club
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Santinos Little Italy Wine Club How does it work? Provide us your name and email, show up once a month for our wine club party which will primarily be on Tuesday nights, enjoy some free appetizers, taste some wine and pick up your bottles! 3 options / 2 bottles / $35 - $40 per month* Option 1: 2 bottles red wine Option 2: 2 bottles white wine Option 3: 1 bottle red / 1 bottle white Let us know your preference so we can customize your membership. Our featured Wine distributor will be  Enjoli Anzalone from Purple Feet wines.  *Why do we say $35 - $40 per month instead of a flat fee? Sometimes we really want you to try something that may not fit into one price range. We like to keep our options open! Please respond if you's love to join our first monthly wine club on JUNE 6TH.